Hyundai Micro SD Cards

Hyundai Micro SD Cards

Does your phone or tablet have enough storage for all your apps and pictures? Upgrade your phone storage with Hyundai Technology’s MicroSDXC Memory Cards.  Available up to 128GB storage and up to 90MB/s read and 40MB/s write speeds, it is exactly what the doctor prescribed to upgrade your storage. These MicroSD cards are not only incredibly fast but they perform in all conditions. They are waterproof, shockproof, and magnet proof.

With an SD Adapter you can use this bad boy in your camera as well, benefiting from its high performances for full HD video recording and high resolution images. This little card packs a big punch and will be all the storage you need for whatever handheld device you have.  And with Hyundai Technology SSD’s also available, you don’t need to stop at your smaller devices. Hyundai can upgrade your laptop and desktop too.  Providing more memory with high performance speed and computing.

Hyundai Technology is inspired by you: multitasking, working hard, working quickly, and running your devices to their limits.  That is why we expand the limits with our products, enabling you to work better.  Hyundai Technology is prepared for life, and is truly life inspired.

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